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Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
https://colormax.org/color-blind-test/ It took me 30 seconds to score 100% on that test. But this new scheme hurts my eyes a ton. I found posts about the legacy color options and that's helped a bit. Check out my avatar, example of transparency interference on the scheme. Cursor changes? Keep It …

Re: 4GB SD cards may not work in SDHC devices

in Milliways
2 and 4GB SD cards are strange. You'll have to use software that will report and describe a card's CSD registers. There's probably a few for each OS. That will let you know what to predict when trying it in an older device. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SD_card#SDSC_cards_above_1_GB - 12-bit storage …

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