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Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

Hi OPLx, I'm preparing my computer to receive the SAAYM. I'm so glad it's happening and soon I'll be able to listen to my favorite arcade music on original hardware thanks to the SAAYM and SBVGM, I can barely believe it! The card has a bit more onboard configuration than I expected, I did some …

Re: Best tracker MODS ever [1988-2020]

in Milliways
People release "good" module pack now and them. I hunt them too, Byrd, they are awesome to discover new stuff and make for fantastic playlist. I look forward to add spacedrone808's to my collection, I think he worked quite hard putting it together.

Re: SBVGM (DOS) VGM Player

Right, awesome is totally the word here ! I counted that this would add support for 307 new titles just from vgmrips (ym2203 = 218, ym2608 = 56, ym2610b = 35), on top of the 372 new from ym2151. Now I totally am motivated to finish my new setup with the SAAYM and collect all those vgm files, I …

Re: gus hardware module player list

Thanks Itning, I had lost metal 0.2pl5 by a manipulation error and I could not find it back. I searched quite a bit to get it back but was unsuccessful, so I'm quite grateful for you post. I did put it as a hardware player because in the doc and command line it's question of sending sample to the …

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