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Re: EMU Proteus/1 support for Sierra games?

The MultiSound is basically a pre-GM device (Proteus) combined with a GM synth (TB's ?) that when used for GM (see video) is comparable to a SC-55/88 (and all the imitators). Not quite, in terms of MIDI the Multisound Classic really is nothing more than a Proteus 1/XR with a custom GM sysex loaded. …

Re: EMU Proteus/1 support for Sierra games?

I don't think you can force Proteus/1 to be GM compatible simply by altering its patch map. It has an ability to renumber its patches, but this doesn't apply to drum sets. And while Proteus/1 has several drum sets, none of them are GM compatible. Windows 3.1 drivers solve this problem by …

Re: Roland MT-32 bad sound

Inspect the large surface mount chips for shorted pins. Connect a MIDI cable between the MIDI in and out ports and try the test mode as described in the service manual: https://www.dosdays.co.uk/media/roland/mt-32/ … vice-manual.pdf

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