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Re: Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach Error

Well, this is what's in my gamer.ini when no add-on is activated (I didn't include the comment lines that start with "//"): 1.01 2 DUKE NUKEM 3D ATOMIC DUKE3DPP NONE C:\DUKE3D\ Duke Nukem 3D ATOMIC! DUKE3D15 NONE C:\DUKE3D\ And this is what I have when Caribbean is activated: 1.01 2 DUKE NUKEM 3D …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

abandon2022 wrote on 2022-04-30, 07:51: pci_bus.cpp:29:10: fatal error: ..\ints\int10.h: No such file or directory 29 | #include "..\ints\int10.h" https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/b … ff?h=dosbox-ece And probably also need this: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/l … ff?h=dosbox …

Re: replacing Z Drive contents possible?

I tried putting a DOS folder in my mounted folder and set a PATH for it, but that doesn't work. I even put a copy of COMMAND.COM in the root of the mounted C drive and I still cannot get to using PROMPT. I cna only assume that the COMMAND.COM in Z: is overriding everything else in PATH. Did you set …

Re: Z drive??

Also, your mount command should be the same one you used when you installed the game. My guess it should be like this: mount c /users/student/downloads c: cd topgun topgun.exe

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

AUR is explained in the Arch Wiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Arch_User_Repository For example, to install DOSBox ECE on some Arch based distro with yay (yay is an AUR helper): yay -S dosbox-ece It's really nice to be able to install software from source code with a single command. And yay can …

Re: PCem v17

That sounds like a compiler problem. I haven't tried building PCem for Linux but what if you built it with -O2 instead of -O3? Or with Clang instead of GCC? Good idea! With -O2 the crash happened immediately after clicking the "Load" button to start the OS. -O1 seems to be working, no crash. My GCC …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

FYI, DOSBox ECE is available from AUR: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/dosbox-ece/ There were some annoyances in installing the package: - The package version is old (r4465 vs 4470) - The source download link is wrong (partially because of the old version but looks like the URL doesn't work even …

Re: most difficult game

in Milliways
The most difficult Pacman clone I've played: https://youtu.be/e2m0SUQZJ4s It's a "prank/joke" game. I think you're not even supposed to beat the 1st level. And I'm sure there are a lot of games with a similar idea.

Re: PCem v17

FYI, Pcem crashes on Manjaro Linux when Voodoo emulation is enabled. Crash happens after boot when the desktop is loading. Looks like NULL pointer access in wx-thread.c function thread_wait_event: Thread 26 "Main Thread" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. [Switching to Thread …

Re: Marathon is the game that System Shock wanted to be

in Milliways
System Shock 's interface was poorly-thought-out, unplayable garbage False, incorrect, not true, that's just your opinion. The control scheme System Shock uses is very similar to many RPGs of the time. There's even a fan made mod for mouselook if you absolutely need it. ...nowadays, we say System …

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