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Re: Modern DOS games

in Milliways
I made this awesome game in 2013 🤣 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1gtFRFOv1M Download link is in the video description (from Mediafire).

Re: Quake, Strafing and free look?

There is no "strafe left" or "strafe right" option. Yes there is. In the game options they are called "step left" and "step right". it seems to be impossible to strafe and look about simultaneously, which means one cannot turn and strafe simultaneously Works fine here. WASD + mouselook, DOSBox-0.74 …

Re: Quake, Strafing and free look?

I want to be able to simultaneously have freelook without holding any keys, and have strafing without holding any keys. I want to be able to strafe by hitting left or right, and still be able to freelook left and right. Then just reconfigure the keys in the game. There are separate keys for turning …

Re: Quake, Strafing and free look?

+strafe Type : Action Binding : ALT Description : When used the turn left and turn right keys will make the player move left and move right. Note : The keys bound to the +left and +right will function as if they were bound to +moveleft and +moveright. This command will also affect the mouse, so …

Re: Creating a DOS batch menu

in DOS
Something like this? @echo off :start cls echo ÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ» echo º Menu º echo ÌÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ͹ echo º 1. Blood º echo º 2. Cryptic Passage º echo º 3.+ MODS º echo º 4.+ Multiplayer º echo º 5.+ Editors º echo º 6. Setup º echo º 7. DOS Prompt º echo º 8. Exit º echo …

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