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Sample rate question

hi i have a small question about the sample rate for mixer and the soundcards i can choose besides 44,1k, 48k and 49716 hz the windows mixer will resample everything per default to 16 bit 44,1k ( dosbox doesn't use asio or wasapi output :lol: ) i wonder if it makes sense to use other values than 44, …

Re: Ultrasound - how increase onboard memory ?

wow thats a fast reply thx the question is: is it worth the work and will the gus in dosbox be able to handle more than 1mb ram ? seems what i want: a classic gus with more than 1 mb ram was not possible with a real gus. i guess the gus in dosbox is a classic one and not the pnp version which can …

Ultrasound - how increase onboard memory ?

hello i am new here i use dosbox to play some midi files with the gus (driver 4.11 with 1.61 ppl) evrything is working ok and in debug modus playmidi can also play recent midis without crashes or hangs :happy: but i have a small problem some midi files r too big for the gus memory i know the "old" …

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