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Re: Pentium or K6-3+ for low-end box

in Marvin \ Sound
The K6-3+ certainly is more flexible. L1D works on my K5, for instance, and brings it down to slow 486 level. This works on Intel Pentiums too, IIRC. And if you don't mind rebooting, you can disable L2 in BIOS too for more range. Try the ones you have first before deciding.

Re: Overclocking/trashing vs. longevity of retro hardware.

in Milliways
Basically what I am saying is most of what we hold dear now (which is a very small percentage of the population that collects vintage machines) isn't that important to newer generations. If a few machines out of the millions made last for 100 years that's enough. So enjoy what you have while you …

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