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Re: Battlezone 1998 issues

in Windows
Well, my first instinct was that the install has a registry entry pointing to the LAN address as the source drive, but I can't find a relevant registry entry in the first place (I have the game and CD). There also doesn't appear to be an entry pointing to the source drive in the game's config files. …

Re: Retro PC Build

I can't speak to Warcraft, but all the games on that list will run fine on the hardware borgie83 suggested. Those are mid to late-era DOS games and will run fine with any speed hardware supported by compatible OS's. Most of those games will run on hardware supported by Windows XP with the use of …

Re: GLQuake stutter

in Windows
Is CD audio running? If so, try running with the -nocdaudio switch. Mine stutters with CD audio going, but it's smooth as silk without. I haven't found the cause of the issue though. I'd love to get the NIN tracks going.

Re: The Unreal build.

In Unreal at 640*480 with the Voodoo 3 overclocked, the system is a bit bottlenecked by the CPU. The overclocked Voodoo 3 scales much better than it should in Unreal at 1024*768. I do not know why but I have read that others also have experienced this. Possibly because of Unreal's optimized glide …

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