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How to dry a crt monitor?

Well what I thought would be 2 old PC's turned out to be just two broken CRT monitors. The one Nokia monitor turns on, but snaps if you leave it on. They both were wet. Can I fix this somehow? Probably not, but whatever.

Re: Hello!

Tetrium wrote: Welcome aboard! 😀 And don't forget that us Vogoners are addicted to pics of hardware pr0n, the more the better! 😁 Yeah man, I love pics of old desktops. Especially the insides. I'm gonna post tons of pics later when I get them!


I did not see a place to post an intro in, so I guess this is it. Anyway, my name is Ayden and I live in NY state (not the city). I like to play old games and mess around with old computers as well as new ones. Right now I only have a gateway desktop from 2001, but soon I will be getting some old …

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