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Re: Got an Amiga?

in Milliways
Yay! I still have the following: A500 (4) A500+ A600 A1200 (3, one with 1230 Blizzard Turbo) CD32 I'd like to have all the "real" computer versions though (1000, 2000 etc.), but they were very rare even then and these days almost impossible to find at a right price.

Re: The worst games you bought

in Milliways
Flight Sim Toolkit by Domark. It was so broken that it was almost impossible to get anything done. Random crashes, object explosion kept repeating until the PC froze etc. If I recall, it required several patches to keep it stable. Unfortunately I only had the game for a few days as I traded it for …

Re: Is the gravis gamepad good?

in Milliways
Funny thing, I just spotted a bag of PC gamepads in a flea market for 3e. There were at least two Gravis Gamepads and a Sidewinder gamepad. And no, I didn't grab them. 😈

Re: Is the gravis gamepad good?

in Milliways
Both versions have a little brass screw hole in the middle of the d-pad that was made for a little plastic stick to screw into it and make it feel like a mini joystick. These little plastic sticks are kinda rare nowdays as they did not come with the game pads and had to be ordered by the customer. …

Re: Freedos compatibility?

in DOS
My bias against MS since Win95 is rooted rather deep as you can see. But it's a bias so anyone other reading this thread please do not let it make you overlook MS-DOS 7.1. It's just not my choice. You shouldn't feel too bad about it. I hated Win 3.1/95 with a passion and only used the beta-version …

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