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3Dfx Voodoo 2 PCB SLI Bridge / SLI Cable

Hi, i have made a small SLI Bridge for my Voodoo 2 Set, it works just fine :-) sli_1.jpg sli_2.jpg sli_3.jpg sli_4.jpg sli_5.jpg Note there is no Orientation Notch! the Molex Connectors are much more expensive then the simple ones, about 3x times the price. But this is no problem it will fit either …

Re: Tandy Nano - 3 Voice Soundcard ISA - Lowprofile

yes but if you bypass LM386 muting does no longer work, as LM386 ByPass Pin is pulled to GND to stop amplifer from working until ChipEnable is issued. The MCU is also needed to survive bios scanning of lower port range without unlocking the Amplifier, as it introduces a delay of a few ms to allow …

Re: MUS-1099 GameBlaster Sound Card

Not yet, there a few Flaws inside which need fixing. i may have some prototype pcbs left which i can give away, i don`t need 10. PCB is too thin (1.4mm, should be 1.6mm did forget check box during order), PCB is bit too short on the Rear, CMS Detection does not work at all. Tested Sylpheed, Bad …

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