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Re: Beepblaster 1.0 Wavetable Module

Hi folks. A new project is coming soon. The Beepblaster "Beeptable" Module for Waveblaster Connector The Module supports 16 Voice, GM1.0, and modulates Sound over PWM. It's a fun Project :-) The Software is based on Daniel Lehenauer' Github Project : https://github.com/DLehenbauer/arduino-midi- …

Re: 3Dfx Voodoo 2 PCB SLI Bridge / SLI Cable

Oh lol. I considered that the ‘new logo’ haha. Okay. Lemme see if I can whip something up. Btw, I had considered making one with three plug ports so that it was universal. Yay or nay? It would still I believe only work with two cards. But you would have options I also considered 3 plug version but …

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