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Re: x86EMU emulator releases

it would be intressenting to port this to a ARM CPU on bare metal without underlying OS, using SDCard as HD, etc. Creating a complete XT System (something like MIST.. or ZET CPU).. Like this: http://www.fleasystems.com/flea86.html Emulation on 8051 MCU (8Bit). But i'm not skilled enough to do this …

Re: What's a good / the best PCI graphics card I can put in a 500mhz IBM Aptiva E 190?

I use a Radeon 7000 PCI in a K6-2, runs well. Beware of GeForce 2 PCI Cards, many have 32bit Memory Bus (and GF4 MX4000) That make them slower then TNT2 PCI Cards (Elsa Synergy II for example which has 128Bit RAM). Example for a Bad GeForce 2 PCI Card: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/791/geforce2- …

Re: Anyone use an old linux OS on an old PC?

in Milliways
I use Linux (Debian Etch) on my 5x86 (486), for Tasks who Windows is too old. Latest 486 Kernel is 2.6.32, all above is broken. I can run recent Software on it. (Updated Libaries) Eg. SSH, FTP, HTTP/HTTPS Client, some time i also listen to Radio with it. (MP3).

Re: Best OS for a 286?

in Milliways
DOS 7.1 runs on 8088. FAT32 has only a 32bit adressing. This means nothing. Even a 8bit CPU can read it, if you write the code. Example: BEOS uses 64bit Journaling Filesystem, the PPC CPU the BeBox used was only 32bit and the Pentium 3 too. FreeDOS is another Situation.. There are 386 Kernels and …

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