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Re: It's 286 time!

You could try an ISA NIC and use it with mTCP+packet driver. You can just load a packet driver when you want to, use mTCP's FTP client and FileZilla on your main machine. At least on my 486 it works wonders, and if I recall correctly mTCP is supposed to be useabe even on 8088 machines. mTCP works …

Re: 486 Industrial / Control PC

http://www.dosforum.de/download/file.php?id=3517 Maybe i this thing ? but i have currently no time to continue my work :/ i need to focus more on just one thing. And another Slot with a SCSI Card and External CD-Rom Drive ? i first need to fix Contacts on the Backplane. i play Ultima Underworld on …

486 Industrial / Control PC

Hi, my 486 Build is now nearly finished - 486DX4 100Mhz AMD WB SV8T - Lanner Industrial SlotCPU Mainboard - 256Kb L2 - 64Mb (2x32Mb FPM Ram) - EIZO Tseng ET4000 with 1Mb (ISA) - NE2000 Clone Realtek 8019 - Soundblaster 16 Vibra - 1Gb CF Card - 1,44Mbyte Floppydrive - LPT ZIP 100 Drive - Windows 95A, …

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