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POST diagnostic card/motherboard analyzer + ebay rant

So I am trying to buy one of these: $_12.jpg There are a ton of these for sale on ebay, but I've been screwed both times I've tried to buy one! My first attempt was from seller ijesvp4599. The card they sent me was both DOA and not even the correct card. At least I was able to get a partial refund. …

Re: Computer reset sale on Texas

I did end up making it out there for one of their weekend sales about month ago and came home with some goodies. It's a nice treasure trove, but a lot of the "low hanging fruit" has been picked. Don't get me wrong though - there is still tons of stuff there!

Re: Computer reset sale on Texas

Well, I made the trip to Dallas, but it was in vain. Not a soul in sight. It is incredibly sad knowing so much is going to be lost. So close, yet so far. Filename historic grave yard.jpg File size 315.2 KiB Views 620 views The thought to toss a brick did cross my mind...

Re: Computer reset sale on Texas

Anyone know if they'll still be open on Monday, June 3? I'm all set for a road trip, but I'm not interested in driving 9 hours just to find them closed down. The phone number on their website doesn't work anymore. I've also tried emailing, but no response as of yet!

Re: Medical 486

As an optometrist myself, I found that interesting. I couldn't tell you exactly what that may have been used for though. Some sort of retinal camera would be a good guess. We have one diagnostic machine that is built around a Northwood Pentium 4 and runs Windows 2000. I use it almost every day!

Re: Retro computing but non gaming?

I'd like things like a dot matrix and one of the true built proof HP Laser jets, something Like HP Lasterjet 4, maybe some old enterprise level network equipment but that takes up too much space "just to have" so have settled on things like external storage drives. I still use a LaserJet 4L as my …

Re: What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

What we originally planned to be a quiet dinner with just me and my wife has turned into a dinner with me, my wife, her brother, mother, and niece. We'll see if anyone else shows up! Also hoping I get a chance to inspect/power up my 386 and 486 systems that have been closeted for over a year now.

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