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Re: VOODOO 2 SLI Memory reporting

its showing the right amount of ram, its just spiting the ram up into two groups, framebuffer and texture. And adding a second card dose not duble you usable VRam. Its still just 12mb as the data in ram is mirrored across the two cards. It is not mirrored. Each card does half of the scanlines on …

Re: Flash a Village Tronic MP850 back to mac

thank you! :) VillageTronic seems to still have an active FTP server: ftp://ftp.villagetronic.com But you need an account apparently :dead: I found a flasher for a MAC BIOS for voodoo 3 cards in a driver bundle on falconfly: https://3dfxarchive.com/voodoo3.htm https://3dfxarchive.com/downloads/ …

Re: IBM MWave related

I used the mirobconnect 34 back in the day and using microsoft phone with the dsp was huge fun. I had to downgrade to a sb vibra16 when i upgradee to win98. I still have my card and the driver cds

Flash a Village Tronic MP850 back to mac

A long time ago i bought a villlage tronic mp850, but later i found out that it has been flashed to PC. I dont have the original bios or mac flash tools but i do have a mac. The card works perfectly well in a PC is there a way to flash it back to its original state? Help

Re: "Outrigger" OR840 build

I am trying to figure out if it would be possible with the board that I have. If so, then I would have to buy a VRM and another Tualatin. To get the board running at all I need the original 375W Compaq PSU (or the pinout of the ATX so I can make an adapter).

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