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MT-32 in Windows Vista

in MT-32 General
Hi. Has anyone tried installing the MT-32 emulator under Vista? It doesn't seem to work: It says the "sytem cannot find the specified file". The same message I got when trying to install under Windows 98. Only XP works with the emulator. Any other opinion or solution? Thanks.

Some hints for MT-32 Emulation

in MT-32 General
I This is for those who have successfully installed the MT-32 Software Driver, (Full Guide for using the MT-32 Roms is available elsewhere in this forum index) and for those using D-Fend frontend for the dosbox : If you're the type like me who likes to listen to MIDI music in windows but feel …

Re: Dosbox FullScreen Sounds Slow

I've just found out the reason. In case anyone else is having the same problem, I found out that I needed to change the render to OVERLAY and midi engine to win32. I'm using DFend frontend. And it's great, and never had any problems with it. And just in case anyone having problem with Ultima 6 and …

Dosbox FullScreen Sounds Slow

Hi. I'm using Dosbox solely for the MT-32 music and sounds and to play certain games in it's optimal speed in some older games, since I'm having another old PC dedicated to DOS and Win98 combo with AWE32,etc. to play all my old Dos favourites. Somehow I noted while playing games in Dosbox using …

Re: Windows 3.11, SB Audigy & Geforce. Please Help.

in Windows
Why I want to use Win3.11? Well, it's just for nostalgic sake, if for nothing else. I've been using the pc from late 80's with games like Starfleet, Loadrunner, Karateka,etc,etc.. Sometimes, I just feel like collecting and playing all the classics. Even the early 90's saw some very good batch of …

Re: Windows 3.11, SB Audigy & Geforce. Please Help.

in Windows
You see, I'm having 3 different partitions in my hard disk for 3 different OSs : WinXP Pro, W98 SE, and the Classic DOS 6.22 & Win3.11 FWG combo. I can multiboot to each partition, since all these are bootable partitions. I have no prob with WinXP and W98 since I have installed both the drivers for …

Windows 3.11, SB Audigy & Geforce. Please Help.

in Windows
Hi, I have a P4 system with an Audigy and a creative vibra 128 and a Ti4600. Problem is I couldn't make my Audigy work under Windows 3.11. I can somehow emulate the audigy under dos using the sbeinit.exe utility using the emulated port of 220. But I can never make windows 3.11 recognize it after …

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