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Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

DNSDies wrote on 2022-07-21, 07:13: Is the Windows 9x functionality being ported to the older version of the Orpheus as well, or is that impossible? It will not be possible, this version adds more hardware for that to be possible. First orpheus was not made with Windows in mind, only DOS. This one …

Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

When I saw the length of the card and the SIMM slot location, my first thought was that it was an AWE clone... then my eyes moved down and saw the Interwave. Amazing work! How constrained is the supply for Interwave chips? I imagine between this project and the Argus, the remaining stock left in …

Re: Tell me what it's like to own a GUS

in Milliways
Primax Altrasound (Soundblaster clone) was my first sound card, me back then couldn't afford a SB16 or a SBPRO2, a friend of mine was selling the Primax, really cheap, telling me it was SB compatible, so I got it. I had some friend with SB16 and Doom was released, all of us played normally at home. …

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