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Re: Normal3x and normal4x windows

A problem with this: it "softens" the edges of the graphics, something I'd rather not have. Is there a way to just increase the size of the window without having fuzzy edges? http://www.stevieparmentier.com/edges.jpg This is from Leisure Suit Larry 3 and as you can see, it's quite obvious. I prefer …

Re: Updates for Terra Nova?

The problem is the digital sound. Turn that off and it won't crash at all. I tried Gravis and Soundblaster but I keep getting the same error as you. I have the original 1.0 version though. Maybe I can download Frenchkisses' one use its basic files? EDIT: I finally found 1.09 patch and now it works …

Re: Alien Oddysey not starting

I tried that, it didn't work - as luck has it, I tried to run the game yesterday and run into the exact same problem. This is the original CD game, no downloaded rip. The game won't run and if I replace dos4gw with dos32a and edit the lines, it STILL doesn't work.

Re: Dosbox 64 bit mode some day?

Well I know one thing - my AMD 64 3000+ gives a BIG speed boost in DOSBOX compared to my old 2500+. And I mean, BIG. I can play Tomb Raider for christ sake! Really smoothly most of the time too. The only game so far that's still too slow (that I tried) is Azrael's Tear - which is too bad cos I paid …

Re: Dosbox 64 bit mode some day?

Well it has been confirmed by several sources - Windows XP 64 has already been released as warez (final version RC2) and the few 64 bit programs already here often give even more than 50%. Example: one program had a benchmark of 130, 64 bit version had 240. So the potential is there.

Re: ANN: RobyDosBox 0.2 Released

It's cool but I can't use it because it won't let you pick which conf files to use or save different settings. My suggestions: - Make it possible to save settings under different names so you're not just stuck with one configuration. - let you import the autoexec.bat settings of conf files so people …

Dosbox 64 bit mode some day?

Now that I have my AMD 64 3000+, and with the upcoming Windows XP 64bit I've been wondering if Dosbox could be converted to 64 bit which would see a drastic (50% easily if other programs are to go by) increase in performance on 64 bit OS and CPU. It could be the answer for the late 90s DOS games for …

Re: Dark Forces runs much too slow

I got my new rig today, and while 15000 cycles was most I was able to use on my old AMD 2500+, my new AMD 64 3000+ can go to 20000 cycles easily without sound chopping. Shadow Warrior now runs perfectly with only a bit of slow down when explosions appear. That's 25% power increase - not bad.

Re: noctropolis

Yeah and very friendly webmaster. I couldn't download at first because the port used for download was blocked by my ISP because it was mainly used by Worms. He changed the default port and rebooted the server just for me 😜 EDIT: ooo it has Dark Seed 2 too now, wonderful!

Re: noctropolis

Cuttock: same here, I found a site that hosted the full game, downloaded, loaded ISO and it went perfectly. I was so happy I bought the game on eBay a few days ago 😜 I didn't want to risk buying another game that wouldn't run.

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