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Advice for a video card

I'm looking to replace an Ati Mach64 vt2 in my w95 machine as the 2D card and was wondering, what would be a good substitute? What would be a common video card for around 1996 that is PCI, had at least decent video output quality (I want to pair it with a Voodoo) and is cheap to obtain today. Any …

Quake crashes in 640x480

I've been trying to get WinQuake to work on my P100 machine for a couple days now, however every time I set the resolution to 640x480 or even 512x384 it crashes. Its seems to run fine in 640x480 windowed, but not full-screen. I tried forcing it through config.cfg and autoexec.cfg but the game seems …

Default CPU speed is low

While it's not a big problem, something just keeps bugging me. I have an AOpen AX6BC mobo in my vintage rig, and it underclocks all the CPUs I put in it by default. My Klamath P2 300 got UC'd to 233MHz, P3 550 to 350 MHz, also my P2 350 (just don't remember how much for this one). Every time I …

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