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Re: Best AGP card for Aladdin V super socket 7

RiP wrote on 2019-04-27, 20:05: Sadly, I couldn't get GF 6200A to work on Win9x ... Sorry for the bump, but why? I was planning to upgrade my VGA card to a "Axle Nvidia 6200A 512MB 64BIT DDR2 (directx 9) DVI Agp 8X" one. Isn't that card supported by Win98SE? Any idea is much appreciated. Best.

Re: Zotac's GT220 driver for Win2k?

Google is your friend. I found it in 2 seconds. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1114373.html Broken, too. Hello can anyone help me please I am new. The Drivers on Japanese Page are down. deksar can you help me. Greetings Content: nVIDIA 197.45 WQHL Desktop Driver Full Filename: …

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