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Re: AMD drops the mic

Bulldozer is the NetBurst of this decade - hot, inefficient, and outperformed by its predecessor the Phenom II. Expect to see them flooding recycling centers come 2026. AMD has a history of promising the world and underdelivering. I really hope that's not the case this time. More than anything we …

Re: Post your retro desktop

Current installations on my Dimension 4100: Where do those wallpapers come from? They look neat. The latter looks like from an anime? Cannot seem to figure out :confused: I grabbed both from a 4chan wallpaper thread. :lol: I'll upload them when I get home. I tried finding a source on the second one …

Re: Is this GPU Worth Keeping?

Well the i740 is an interesting piece of history in my opinion. It was the first 3D card designed specifically for the AGP bus and it had a large amount of hype prior to launch due to the partnership of the CPU behemoth with Real3D, which was a spin-off division of Lockheed Martin intending to bring …

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