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Re: Warcraft II hanging and generally being a jerk

in DOS
fair points, would too have prefered to have MIDI as an option. as for the compressed tracks, i can't remember the quality loss to badly stick out last time i played this to be honest, and at least this should get rid of those typical little game pauses upon CD track changes.

Re: Help me diagnose an LCD

this obviously isn't image rentention because then it would actually look like whatever was on there before - i don't think the taskbar is wavy like that and wraps around the corner. i've seen something that looks very much like this on some handheld consoles, found a pic here in the first post: …

Re: SC-88 Issues

first, if you haven't, check the capacitors on the digital board - the chance of the stock caps leaking might be approaching 100% these days. otherwise, try GM mode or a full factory reset; i forgot what to press for those, but it's described in the manual.

Re: Far Cry poor performance WinXP SP3

nice that this fixed it, this might be one of the worst cases of driver regression then. i never thought that gog did all that much magic beyond including dosbox with their dos releases. as for the x850 performance: if i recall correctly SM 3.0 was patched in at some point and this release probably …

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