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Re: Is Windows 3.1 or Older Necessary?

I personally love windows 3.11 I have very fond memories as a kid of my dad bringing home our first computer. It was a custom built machine my dad was assigned from work. That thing was sweet AMD at 133 mhz, 32 megs of ram, 512k of L2 cache, 1 gig hard drive, 33.6 k modem for connecting to the …

Re: I'm a daddy...

Congratulations!! Being a father is a very rewarding and joyful experience. I'm currently building my soon to be 3 year old a socket A system to play games from my youth both educational and non educational.

Re: What machines did you use in High School?

I was in high school from 01-05. Until 04 it was a k63 500 system I still have untill. My dad got me a few big tote boxes of random parts I ended up with a dual p3 500 system on a supermicro motherboard with a gig of pc 133 ram 6 9 gig 10k scsi drives in raid 5 on the on board ultra 160 controller. …

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