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Re: Tandy TL/2

I usually use either a 270 or 330 ohm resistor at TTL signal levels (5V). If you want to know how bright (max continuous current) your led can operate, double check your data sheet. Max current handling varies most particularly depending on the led packaging (therefore heat dissipation).

Re: Is there a list of games composed on MT-32 (OLD vs new), or a list of which synths were used for which DOS games?

philscomputerlab wrote: Great list! Interesting with Dagger of Amon Ra, I always though it was a General MIDI game. Must play it again one day 😀 Yup, it's composed for GM but supports MT-32. The cut-off seems to have been around 1990-1991 with PQ3, Conquests of the Longbow, etc. Play 'em all, I say …

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