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Re: DOSBox-X branch

Thanks all for the info, like to keep it simple so I'll stick to image files for transferring stuff for now. On a side note can anyone explain why when in the guest os under the dosbox-x drive menu all the drives are "grayed out"?

Re: Best emulator for 2D football game

Tried dosbox-x and it works well after a few "hiccups" meaning me not knowing what the hell I'm doing. After resigning to consolidating all needed files for the football game to image files it went without a hitch. If anyone knows how I can get the "guest os" win98 to recognize a usb stick I'll be …

Best emulator for 2D football game

Wanting to play Sierra's Front Page Sports Football Pro 98 on my win10 system (see specs. on sig) but there are so many choices regarding emulators: dosbox pure, dosbox-x, pcem etc. Will have to install win98se first of course but since this game has no 3D won't have any 3dfx hoops to jump thru. Any …

Re: Maximum PC Back Issues on Google Books

in Milliways
jammaster wrote on 2022-08-05, 05:27: ...Does anybody have a scan of Maximum PC December 1999 ? This issue is nowhere to be found! (even in real format!) There is a c […] Show full quote ...Does anybody have a scan of Maximum PC December 1999 ? This issue is nowhere to be found! (even in real …

Re: DOSBox-X branch

New to Dosbox-x and got windows 98 running through it on a win10 system. Question I have is what is the procedure to get usb sticks to interact with it? Install usb drivers via an image file? Can't seem to find any info on it so maybe it's a no go.

Re: Win98SE Pentium 4 Project

Managed to snag an Antec p4 vertical cooler and in the nick of time as the Star Tech broke yet another cpu retention bracket. The Antec install went fine and in addition a 120mm fan was added to the side panel. The front fan was removed since really there was no benefit as the case isn't setup for …

Re: 3d Prophet-2500+ build

Fine start of an socket 462 system. But u better to replace that garbage PSU, as even if it has rubycon caps, is far from the quality still of SeaSonic, EnermaX, Delta and others... The case is also very crap as i use to say it is cheese holding case (u know the metal boxes they use to store cheese …

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 no 3D acceleration

Know a lot of you don't mess with sports titles that much but perhaps someone out there can help with this. It works fine in software mode but crashes to desktop when trying to use the Geforce2 GTS card. Using Nvidia drivers 45.23 with win98 SE. Have a whole honkload of games installed on my P4 …

Re: Win98SE Pentium 4 Project

Follow up to last post: New bracket came in and reinstallation of the Star Tech cooler went fine. All seemed well at first but now temps are up to the 50's and that's just running a 2D game. I'm thinking the puny fan on the Star Tech is the culprit so will be shopping around for a beefier cooler. …

Re: Alien Trilogy help? Please

in DOS
I've read on this forum many times that this game is a challenge to run even on "real" hardware. Can't offer any help but I plan on trying to get it to run using D-Fend also. Please post you're findings here if you don't mind.

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