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Re: Win98SE Pentium 4 Project

Misery! Booted the system up the other day and the screen went "wonky", plus the cpu fan was roaring loud. Turned out the cpu retention bracket busted at the clip connections. Was using the star tech cooler, maybe should have bent the clips somewhat to ease the stress? First order of business is …

Re: What scary games require booze to take the edge off?

in Milliways
chiveicrook wrote on 2022-05-04, 16:39: Not a whole game but "Robbing the Cradle" mission in Thief: Deadly Shadows is awesome, it even has its own wiki article 😀 Decent bourbon to calm the nerves after the mission is recommended 😀 I'll have to look into that one, never played any of the series.

Re: Win98SE Pentium 4 Project

With an avatar like mine, I guess there's no reason to ever respond to a P4 thread, right? LOL. I'm not a big fan of the P4 either, but these days they do make a lot of sense for a cheap no nonsense 98 build. Not everyone has access to the more period correct hardware without paying up for it. It's …

Re: CAD Talk & Help with Mobile Workstation Selection

in Milliways
I too do CAD but in the piping/pressure vessel field. We've stuck with DELL desktops for over 20 years but our IT guy may have us all switch to laptops so we can shuttle to home when needed. My setup is local not cloud. Luckily Bricscad gives us that flexibility and it's cheaper too. My 3d needs are …

Re: DOOM with ray-tracing

in Milliways
Was finally able to pick up a 3080 last week so may give it a shot. May tackle q2 rtx after elden ring first tho. Don't forget about Serious Sam Raytraced as well. https://github.com/sultim-t/Serious-Engine-RT/releases Tried this one, everything shiny has a "speckled" look to it. Mouse look is …

Win98SE Pentium 4 Project

The urge to build yet another Windows 98 unit was too great, especially with a pentium 4 cpu which I've never done. This quite frankly was a royal "pita" involving stripped standoffs, a case too small, and a SB Live that just wanted to make me miserable for the fun of it. In the end it worked out …

Re: Members of Vogons, what shows do you currently watch?

in Milliways
Started watching the Crisis of Infinite Earths crossover series. Good to see bit appearances from Tom Welling and Brandon Routh as Superman but other than that, meh. Could be just me but the actress that plays Supergirl looks like she's constipated half the time. Are all the DC hero tv series this …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
Made two upgrades to my win10 system: 1. Lian Li Lancool 215 case - Previous case was the Corsair, airflow improved notably. Wish the front fans were bigger 😁. 2. Audioengine A2+ speakers - I wear hearing aids which cause problems with headphones. These sound amazing even to me!

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