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Re: My AGP/PCI-E test system

Used to have one of these boards, which was formerly my in-law's business PC, and then I was planning to use as a spare machine, and then as an XP box..... It was always just a bit unstable. It had a Q6600 on it, and I'd be leery of going any higher than that just due to the stability issues.

Re: My first dedicated XP build

I still have my VisionTek AGP HD2400 Pro 256MB that I bought open-box in like 2007-2008. I ran it with a 1.8GHz P4 and 1 GB of RAM at the time. I actually ran Windows 7 RTM on that card, although it required a hotfix driver to work. I will say it was significantly better than the PCI FX5500 it …

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