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Re: my first 486 machine

I've done a Windows 95 OSR1 install from floppy... it's not fun but it's not as bad as you'd think, and OSR1 doesn't have the Active Desktop "enhancements". The original Shell for Win95 would probably be quite a bit faster on a 486. That said, one more vote for a boot floppy - that would definitely …

Re: What Piece of PC Hardware Have You Owned Longest

in Milliways
Unfortunately all of my early machines and hardware were given to me or the family's - an IBM PS/2 w/386, a generic 486 (no CDROM, had Win95 installed from floppy!), and a Packard Bell w/Pentium 1 233, Win95, 2MB Video and a Yamaha onboard sound chip of some sort that I remember sounding …

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