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in Milliways
hello, if i were to try and design an electronic device and i'd need someone to make/populate the pcb for me, who would i turn to (in germany)? or in general is there such a service and what is it called(in order to google it)? thank you 😀 m

Re: 486 math coprocessor

thank you all for the fast replies; maybe its easier to explain, despite my bad english skills, on the example of matze's machine from another thread: by matze79 » 2015-4-24 @ 15:05 Cyrix 486 DRx2 25/50, 1Kb L1 - 50Mhz Intel 16-33Mhz 387DX @ 25Mhz OPTI 25Mhz Chipset, No Cache, Unknown Mainboard with …

486 math coprocessor

hi there, this may be a not-so-smart question, but since i failed at googling it, i thought i'd ask here: so, why does the 487 on the mobo disable the first cpu and take over all calculations? if i understood well, this is new, the 387 only did math; reason i ask is this: if i put a pretty nice " …

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