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Re: How accurate is the OPL emulation in dosbox?

Yes, the CS4232 sounds better than dosbox (but similar) and definitely better than my CT2950, or at least closer to what I remember it was in the 90s. Okay, waiting for my Yamaha YMF719E. For the sake of it (no wonder it was cheap), here's my CT2950 (what not to buy): * Huge closeup of the CT2950 so …

Re: How accurate is the OPL emulation in dosbox?

Okay, I professionally recorded DOSBOX vs my real CT2950 for us to compare. The "OPL3 Comparison.7z" file (11MB) contains 6 mp3 files at 320kbps from 3 games: Doom-CT2950.mp3 Doom-DOSBOX.mp3 War2-CT2950.mp3 War2-DOSBOX.mp3 Lemmings-CT2950.mp3 Lemmings-DOSBOX.mp3 http://www.mediafire.com/download/ …

How accurate is the OPL emulation in dosbox?

I have a CT2950 which is a SB16 Value PnP without the Yamaha OPL chip on board in my Pentium 200 mmx Dos PC, and it sound somehow different than dosbox. I also am about to receive a Yamaha YMF719E soon to go along with the SB16. I've read that the 719 has an original OPL3, MIDI, SBPRO 2.0 and it's …

Re: Versions of Mortal Kombat (1) (DOS port)

in DOS
Apparently according to this: http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/mortal-kombat/release-info , Virgin was responsible for distribution in Europe and Ultratech in USA. If I may guess, two final Floppy releases exist, everything else is beta. 1. Virgin (with logo), no setup.exe, F10 settings. 2. …

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