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Is BIOSAgentPlus legit?

Hi, all Recently I've been looking for BIOS images for various obscure motherboards, and I reliably find them on BIOSAgentPlus/DriverAgent/Wim's BIOS. However, when I try to download the file, I'm greeted with a screen requiring me to buy the BIOSAgent. The "join" button on DriverAgent is dead. I …

Re: GUS Frustrations

Weirdly enough my experience with Classic/Max was much better than with PnP. Especially once I realised I could set it up in half-duplex mode (e.g. 240/7/7/7/7) and save half the resources, even a more compilcated setup (e.g. GUS+AWE32+MPU controller) became quite easy to configure on various …

Are file attachments searchable on Vogons?

Hi, all I think I've found a bit of an issue with Vogons' forum engine. Quite often I'm browsing through Archive.org or Usenet groups to learn about a piece of software, a driver or a ROM file only to see that the download link for that file is dead. I track a specific filename that I then try to …

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