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Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

Wow - that's all very cool. But I don't think the external CD player and speakers is really my thing :wink: Do these Panasonic cards have other dongles that don't attach to the CD player, and just have a headphones out or something? And what about joystick ports - do they have those? Thanks for …

Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

Funny story about the WAVjammer box. I bought it off of ebay and when I got it the box was empty! The seller hadn't even checked before listing it. I did get a refund and got to keep the box. :lol: Ha ha! Great story. It's always something with Ebay... I bought a turntable once. The guy said it was …

Re: PCMCIA Sound Cards

Hi, I'm new here, but lolo799 I'm wondering if you still have any of those old sound cards, and whether you're interested in selling one. I need it for my Toshiba T1960 laptop; I'm trying to build the ultimate 486 DOS machine, and the next step is a sound card. I've been keeping an eye on Ebay for a …

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