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Best VGA for 386 and 286

Hi, i have 2 machines that need an isa vga card, sadly i don't have many options available but it doesn't matter. 286 20 4mb sipp pcchips m209 board 386sx 25 4mb simm30 pcb-303 board (packard bell force 325) the 386 has onboard graphics, an OTI067 with 512kb of vram, but is way slow, even in dos …

Re: Windows 7 on socket 7

in Windows
what is beos? unix? linux? Neither. BeOS is a multimedia-focused OS that almost became Mac OS X. In the 90s, Apple gave up on making their own next-generation OS in-house (see the Copland debacle) and decided to acquire one instead. They were choosing between BeOS and NeXTSTEP - Be was run by Jean- …

Re: Halo Combat Evolved vs. FX 5500 256MB

in Windows
in a similar machine , with windows xp and a FX5200, i get around 7 fps with everything maxxed out at 640x480, while in my gf6200 i get over 30 fps this game is known to use shader 2.0, the weak point of the fx series, even an gf4 series card will run it better simply because it uses an older shader …

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