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Re: Running DOS on modern hardware is impossible

in DOS
DOS will continue to work on modern hardware wthout emulation until 2020 and possibly beyond depending on the motherboard manufacturer. yea i was thinking the x64 architecture would not allow x16 dos to run actually that's not the biggest problem, that problem would be CSM (compatibility support …

can a Trident 9680 be upgraded to 4MB?

hi, in my k6-2 Dos machine I have a Trident 9680 that currently has 2MB however I wanted to upgrade it to 4MB mainly to run 1280x1024 at a higher bit depth mine has two 512KB chips soldered and two 512KB chips on sockets should I have to get replaced all 4 chips with 1MB ones? or can they be …

"Legacy Audio" on bios, but how to configure in dos?

hi, I have a Syntax S8601MP motherboard, it has a via C3 at 800MHz and it "supports" legacy audio, though some kind of emulation I suppose. the thing is, I enable legacy audio, sound blaster and set everything in bios, but nothing happens. I've tried with the SET BLASTER thing but to no avail. …

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