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Best VGA Card for 386

Hello, I have an AMD 386DX 40 with 8 MB Ram and 250MB HDD. I have these ISA video cards: Oak Technology OTI037 Cirrus Logic CL-GD5420 Oak Technology OTI077 Trident TVGA8900 Who is better? For Windows 3.11, Windows 95 (i'm crazy :lol: ), Pinball Fantasies, Second Reality and old dos games. Also, I …

Re: P3 800EB vs 1000

The 800EB doesn't work very well in the PCChips, in Windows there are random lockups and bluescreens, and Linux runs really slow. The 1000 with the slotket doesn't work either, sometimes the pc doesn't boot at all. Also, i've tested the 1000 at 133 but can't change the multiplier, so the computer …

P3 800EB vs 1000

Hello to everyone, I'm Leandro from Argentina. I'm wondering what processor is better to upgrade one of my old pc's: Pentium 3 800 (133MHz FSB) vs Pentium 3 1000 (100MHz). The two are Coppermine with 256kb L2 cache and socket 370. The computer specs are: Pentium 3 750MHz (100MHz FSB) PCChips …

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