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Very laggy on some light-weight games

Hello, recently I'm having this weird issue on DOSBox, being quite laggy on some actually light weight games. The games where it's a lot noticeable are: Blupimania (it's extremely choppy, even with maximum cycles and CPU) and a lot of 2.5D games, such as Blake Stone and Rise of the Triad (ROTT), …

My modern, main PC specs

Having a main and very modern PC I definitely use much more than my "vintage" builds, I've decided to share with you its specs, if the mods allow me. Notice, it's a 100% custom build I always keep upgrading, its life actually began a lot of years ago and from that first build, there are only 2 …

My "modded" Olivetti M4 434 S

First of all, I hope this is the correct forum section, as I'm new here, I wouldn't want to post on the wrong section, but since it's a "system specs" break-through overview of my current MS-DOS "project", it should be fine, otherwise feel free to move on the right section :blush: I was "browsing" …

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