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Re: My 3DMark01 Mega Thread

Benched the VIA Chrome 9 HC on the ASUS P5VD2-VM, the last VIA/S3 IGP for Intel platform Stock CPU clock Filename chrome 9 hc 3dmark01.PNG File size 190.01 KiB Views 1674 views Overclocked (board can't really overclock much) Filename chrome 9 hc 3dmark01 oc.PNG File size 191.35 KiB Views 1674 views …

Re: Introduction and CPU Adapter Idea

Diamondville Intel Atoms used the QDR Pentium 4/Pentium M/Core 2 FSB interface which also uses AGTL+ which would make it incompatible with the SDR FSB of the Pentium 3 and even if you manage to do that, the very slow SDR FSB will cripple Atom's performance to death making it even slower than the …

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