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Re: Old games that had CD Audio tracks?

in DOS
The bizarre little DOS / Win9x game "Ignition" or had another name in germany - has CD audio - or can use another audio CD. I have had problems getting it working on faster systems.

Re: EZ-Drive Dynamic Drive Overlay

This may have been answered already but the latest from Western Digital is Data Lifeguard (DLG) 11.2. This comes as a bootable ISO and has a really elaborate GUI. It's basically OnTrack Disk Manager (one of the 9.x versions - dated 2004). It feels like the GUI hides a few options from the user, and …

Re: VIA AC'97 Sound Blaster drivers for MS-DOS?

I just want to make a quick note that DOS mode does work (using steps above - make sure you have both TSR's) on EPIA-5000 / 800 (and I presume V-series) boards. HOWEVER, counter-intuitively you have to enable the (non existant) gameport and MPU-401 modes in the BIOS, otherwise the VIAUDIO.COM file …

Re: Diamond Stealth III S540 32Mb

I'm also after the final S540 PCI BIOS - I'm sure there's a few of us now. I think latest is 226e if anyone can help. Maybe it provides better VBE? http://web.archive.org/web/20020424211040/http://www.diamondmm.com:80/default.asp?menu=support&submenu=Legacy_Graphics&item=bios&product=Stealth_III_ …

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