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Re: Windows XP slow boot on SSD

Side effect of this is that BIOS is stalled for a long time while it looks for IDE devices, which is weird considering I am only using the hard drive as IDE Primary Master. ... Check if the HDD has a separate jumper setting for "single" or "master without slave" mode. See this example for WD drives …

Re: Rendition Verite Cards?

chinny22 wrote: Verite 2200 I used to own one of the QDI card pictured here. The other examples on that page are mostly no-name, but QDI was somewhat well-known for motherboards during that period. Maybe you have heard of them.

Re: What is the (real world) difference between these CPUs

in Milliways
P series == 25w TDP (as opposed to 35w) and always 45nm. I'd say, if your MB/laptop uses Socket P, you have no reason to use T7xxx or T5xxx C2Ds (all 65nm) and any Pentiums/Celerons, unless you have some on hand. And, if your MB/laptop doesn't use the crippled GL40 chipset (limited to 800MHz FSB), …

Re: Western Digital rpm class?

in Milliways
The "5400 RPM Class" Blues are basically the Greens; WD dropped the Green branding a few years ago for whatever reason and started calling all of its mainstream HDDs Blues. I would like to think the "7200 RPM Class" ones actually run at 7200 RPM. If WD was my only choice, I'd personally step up to …

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