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Re: My 486 Build

Build looks nice so far! ... First the sound blaster 16 CT 2290. I believe this card has a true OPL chip and listening to some samples I really like the sound. ... Not a "true" discrete OPL, but a licensed core built into the CT1747 ASIC. Which is the next best thing; it's truer to the sound of a …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

robocon wrote: http://www.uppic.org/image-53DC_57E683E7.jpg […] Show full quote http://www.uppic.org/image-53DC_57E683E7.jpg http://www.uppic.org/image-AA3F_57E683E7.jpg http://www.uppic.org/image-AE74_57E683E7.jpg http://www.uppic.org/image-97BF_57E683E7.jpg *snip* I dunno if it's just me, but …

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