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Re: ASUS P5A build - Nostalgia

Running a similar setup here for DOS/Win98... Video: Gedorce 3 Ti 200 works nicely on this board. Sound: ESS1868F with separate wavetable Since you are using K6-2+/K6-III+ I'd also recommend K6DOS.sys for your CONFIG.SYS (sets the CPU multiplier on the fly as soon as possible during bootup. Setmul. …

Re: Free to any home (I Need Space!)

in Milliways
In our local supermarket, they set up some kind of "trade library" some time ago which is free to use for everybody. You bring your books you've finished reading and trade them against something else. No supervisor/clerk necessary - it's just a big book shelf at the entrance. And this system works …

Re: Does anyone know if there's a mass storage USB driver for Windows 98 other than nusb?

The English Version of the SP is quite "fat" with lot's of addons. I'd suggest you start with the "Windows 98 Vogons Approved Update Pack" from here: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=785071#p785071 As it contains the most useful fixes for "Very Old Games On Newer Systems" ;-) (The roots of the …

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