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Re: good SB16 replacement?

in Marvin \ Sound
For the hanging notes bug Sound Blaster models you might want to consider this source (google translate-link): https://translate.google.de/translate?hl=de?sl=auto&sl=de&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amoretro.de%2Fguides-workshops%2Fcreative-labs-sound-blaster-modellnummern Did you also take Aztech sound …

Re: Backing up DOS era CD-ROM games?

in DOS
How do you handle/archive copy protected CD's? Will you also search for and store a no-CD patch or will you rely on a specific software e.g. Daeom Tools to to that for you?

Re: Monkey Island 2 3.5" bad disks

in DOS
Indeed, finding the English version does not seem to be the big problem, but I could not find the German ones. ...replacing the media from a good donor disk... Thats a interesting idea! I'll try that as formatting and replacing the image on the broken disks didn't work.

Re: Monkey Island 2 3.5" bad disks

in DOS
Thank you all for your suggestions. As there is no dirt or marks on any of the disks, I tried to recover them with the "Unstoppable Copier". Unfortunately too many not readable sectors are located at the end of the affected disks, so the recovered files were not really usable. Nobody got a working …

Monkey Island 2 3.5" bad disks

in DOS
Hi everyone, I just wanted to install Monkey Island 2 from scratch (German version) picked up on ebay. Unfortunately disk 3 and disk 5 are not readable any more (files PCV10__C.MI2 and PCV10__E.MI2) Can anyone PM me a disk image for disk 3 and 5? Proof of ownership attached. Thank you very much.

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