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Re: Cursor size on Vogons

It was a problem with DPI scaling on Windows for a while and I remember Edge browser (the original one) not supporting cursor scaling properly. Those should all be things of the past now. Do you have any DPI scaling active? The cursor comes from these styles applied to various elements: @media …

Re: Most disappointing games?

Stalker - Call of Pripyat. It was so bland that I couldn't even finish it. I like the game. It's very slow-paced but the exploration of desolate buildings is my cup of tea. The only thing that's obvious is that they planned vehicles and were never able to finish them. The maps feel way too big to …

Re: Most disappointing games?

lowenz wrote on 2023-01-22, 13:20: Pariah? Tried that a while ago. This game is pure jank. Bad gameplay, atrocious level design, story written like a fanfiction from a 12-year old... I don't get why it was hyped up so much back in the day.

Re: Integrate drivers into Win98 se CD

in Windows
The drivers probably came from here originally: https://msfn.org/board/topic/163405-slipstreamable-intel-chipset-inf-drivers/ That thread also has installation instructions: How do I use these INF's? Unzip them and place them in the same directory as your Windows 98SE CAB files prior to installation …

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