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Re: Do is worth to improve a graphic SIS 6205?

90% of the problem here is the shared memory architecture of the SiS5511+6205 chipsets. That loses you half of its already not stellar memory bandwidth, dropping you down to performance levels of 32b memory controllers (i.e. total crap). Even a PCI 6205 with 1 or 2MB of its own RAM would almost …

Re: Best memories of Windows or OS?

This is a tough question. Our first family PC, and later my first personal PC (PPC??) was a Packard Bell Legend with a 386sx and Windows 3.1. I have tons of fond memories playing Golf, and Paint Shop Pro as well as playing Klotzki, Wolfenstein 3D, Blake Stone and Golf. Also playing Wheel of Fortune …

Re: SIS 305 16MB PCI

That sucks. My board is a Asus pvi-486sp3 and it seems to support most any PCI cards i've thrown at it. I used to use a Trident card of some sort, can't remember what but the ATi seemed to be a bit better.

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