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Re: What NAS are you using ?

in Milliways
Comparing to you guys, I'll be looking super lame. But I can't be bothered to have a separate PC as a NAS server. Therefore I use Synology DS218+, with 6GB RAM and 2x4TB (WD40EFRX) WD Red drives in RAID1.

Re: Windows XP rig, suggestions

Yeah, but then again, there's problem with PCIe under 98. Sure, it's solvable, but these are unnecessary hurdles just to get machine compatible with 98. As I said, and I stand by that, dual boot 98/XP just isn't worth for majority of people, if you're aiming primarily on XP games (and I should know, …

Re: Windows XP rig, suggestions

Problem of dual boot 98/XP PC is, that you're handicapping yourself with GPU like crazy, once you actually boot into XP. With official drivers, you can go as high as X850 XT PE or 6800 Ultra, and that just isn't cutting it for playing late XP games in high resolutions. There's also problem of AGP …

Re: AGP cards for Windows 98 gaming - help!

Why specifically 9700 Pro though? That card is attracting much higher prices then 9800 Pro. And you can use pretty old drivers with 9800 Pro for good Win98 compatibility, specifically 3.4 and up with 3.7 being the fastest according the testing of one Vogoner . Also, 9700 Pro is notoriously for being …

Re: Apple is getting off Intel CPU’s ?

in Milliways
It's interesting to see some people here, who thinks that Apple will instantly replace every Intel CPU in portfolio with their own ARM SoC. Nothing can't be further from the truth. They'll start either with completely new notebook line, or reintroduce MacBook line once again, this time with ARM. …

Re: International mail shipments and COVID-19

in Milliways
I bought some small package in UK recently, and seller immediately sent me message (starting with "Do you speak English?" :D ), that shipment will most likely take a long time, due to current situation, and if I'm ok with that, or if so want to cancel the order.

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