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Re: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Steam offline&DRM remove method: 1. Download RTCW on your main PC with Steam. 2. Copy the installation folder to your Win9x build before starting the game on your main computer (X:\XXXX\steamapps\common\ Return to Castle Wolfenstein ) 3. Download: wolf_update_1_4.exe MD5: …

Re: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Turns out I actually own this game on Steam (I played it back at release but don't remember buying the steam version). I'll be firing it up this weekend on my NON steam offline only xp machine. I just wish they had Raven's 2009 Wolf still on steam. All I've ever played is the PS3 version.

Re: Nvidia 7600GS AGP - Alternatives?

2,93GHz Pentium 4... get a 7600 GT/GS or Radeon 9800 Pro (if you can have something slower than 7600 GS). 6600 GT/6800 GS are also an option (last one depends on PSU). Don't buy 7800 GS (they are usually overpriced). Check what MB you have in CPU-z (maybe it's old BIOS that has problemns with newer …

Nvidia 7600GS AGP - Alternatives?

I think my free find 7600GS AGP 512 MB is buggered up - pretty sure it's the memory chips. It works, but lots of texture problems. Not heat or power supply related. Anyways, I'm happy enough with the performance that this card provides, so what might be in the same class as a 7600GS AGP? With …

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