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Re: Best Boot Manager for Dos and Win98se

dr.zeissler wrote: The BIG advantage of XFDISK is, that you can change it very simple from the OS itself, or from a dos-bootdisk. very handy. When using GRUB, you don't even need any software. It will detect installed operating systems automatically and you can edit parameters directly from the …

Re: Voodoo 2 SLI and 1024x768

I have a degree in Computer Science because I've taken programming classes, programming algorithms, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE. I've also studied Electrical Engineering in college, including circuit design. Whenever people are wrong, they come with stuff like this. Even if you were on …

Roland SC-88 Pro (hopefully) helpful hints

Since I'm currently playing around with my Roland SC-88 Pro and most people probably don't read the 200+ pages manual, I thought I share the most important functions. Switch modes: Hold SELECT and press "Part >" = GM mode Hold SELECT and press "Instrument <" = CM-64 mode Hold SELECT and press " …

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