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Re: CUE sheet troubles :/

The only DOSBoxes that are capable of reading FLAC tracks all use my CDDA patch (https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=62203), which uses dr_flac , not libFLAC . You know that's not true, because you participated in the original FLAC patch thread: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=32&t= …

Re: DOSBox vs forks and patches

jmarsh, Regarding your recent GUS DMA fix for Quake, I've asked the DOSBox-X team about it here. https://github.com/joncampbell123/dosbox-x/issues/1961 I'm not sure if you looked at the DOSBox-X and Staging DMA implementations before going your own way, but am curious if you have comments / …

Re: CUE sheet troubles :/

You might assume so since it's lossless, but like all codecs it still has a minimum framesize so if the total number of samples is not an exact multiple of that amount, padding gets added. The actual number of samples contained in the final block is stored in the FLAC headers but unfortunately not …

Re: Flashback - Incorrect aspect ratio?

The closer you can get to the original target platform, the better -- because that's likely what the artists tested on. Late 80s and 90s game companies were like school kids trading pokemon cards in terms of re-licensing and porting successful games to new platforms. Meanwhile the original …

Re: Long File Name (LFN) support (SDL1)

@fr500, I'm aware of how extensive the LFN changes are, and at least for me, back-porting it would be a non-trivial amount of work. Are you able to share why DOSBox-X with already-working LFN support is unsatisfactory for your needs versus "SVN + backported-LFN"?

Re: Roland MT-32

Filename 2020-09-24_11-00_2.png File size 30.76 KiB Views 1026 views Filename 2020-09-24_11-00.png File size 13.83 KiB Views 1026 views Filename 2020-09-24_11-00_1.png File size 13.76 KiB Views 1026 views

Re: old program help

Although some hospitals might be using DOSBox, typically its not advised for direct life-support equipment (ventilator control system, etc) Filename 2020-08-29_07-36.png File size 117.05 KiB Views 597 views It's also not advised to use DOSBox to operate air-traffic-control software or flight …

Re: Knight Force copy protection

in Milliways
Here's an expanded discussion about Titus's SQZ format: http://www.shikadi.net/moddingwiki/Titus_Inte … SQZ_Compression The perl implementation at the bottom of the page should work.

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