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Re: Advice for good soldering workshops in the Netherlands, preferably in the Amsterdam area?

dominusprog wrote on 2024-06-03, 16:32: YIHUA 8786D GORDAK 952 this was ok ~10 years ago if you were on extreme budget. Both garbage soldering irons, marginal hotairs. Much better choices available today. For places I think you cant go wrong with repaircafe seeing it was founded in the NL https:// …

Re: Advice and suggestions for resources to learn more detailed troubleshooting and repair steps for motherboards

Back pre internet we learned from 'Upgrading and repairing PCs' by Mueller, Scott https://archive.org/details/upgradingrepairi0000muel_2ndedition https://archive.org/details/upgradingrepairi0000muel_d4h1 https://archive.org/details/upgradingrepairi0000muel_17thedition older editions have more info …

Re: SBEMU: Sound Blaster emulation on AC97

SBEMU works very well now on a MMX 233. The only issues are the sound not playing correctly . I wouldn't call "sound not playing correctly" as working very well. Since the whole point is to play sounds correctly... the question is does it play incorrectly because of CPU (game would be crawling …

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