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Re: Do you keep your retro rigs offline?

in Milliways
I keep my retro machines hooked up to my home network, and they can access the internet, yes, but there is no point in doing so. The only reason I keep them hooked up on my home network is to make the transfer of files to/from them easier.

Re: Let's talk about our hated trends

in Milliways
Not exactly a "retro-themed" trend, but the chase for thinner hardware. Good in theory (why wouldn't you want your devices to be smaller and lighter?), but in practice it also seems to lead to much more non-user-serviceable hardware and furthering the much worse trend of disposable electronics. …

Re: Crystal Caves HD!?

in Milliways
Cool rerelease / semi-remaster overall. Haven't played it myself, only watched the LGR video on it (I don't really buy anything on Steam, so meh). I like the graphics updates overall, nicer looking but still in the spirit of the era. Feels like what the game would've looked like back then if Apogee …

Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

Just double checked my Sony with a tape.. 15.5" maybe they had some different cases? That's interesting, haha. I just took my tape measure out again to triple-check and there's absolutely no way I can reasonably tilt the measurer or just measure it "differently" somehow to chop a full inch off of …

Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

Jeez that glass stand gives me anxiety. Not to worry. The manufacturer rates it for 60 lbs. The monitor + speakers combined are about 43-44 lbs at most (haven't weighed the speakers actually, but they are very light, guessing that combined they are only a few pounds). Also I think Klw2 maybe made a …

Re: Programming on DOS/Windows 95/98

I bounce around a bit with what I program in on my retro computers. For me this is 486 DX2 and Pentium MMX systems. Right now, I primarily have separate on-going projects in both Turbo Pascal 7 and Watcom C. Turbo Pascal 7 of course has it's own included IDE which is awesome, but for Watcom C …

Re: Bought these (retro) software/OS today

in Milliways
This took forever to arrive, but it finally did. Everything coming out of the U.S. has been super slow to arrive for me (still waiting on a couple things since May), but anything coming from any other part of the world seems to still arrive within a reasonable amount of time. Meh. Oh well. https:// …

Re: Post pics of your CRT monitors

I guess I've never posted in this thread yet, despite the fact that I have many CRTs. Current set up with Samsung SyncMaster 763MB. Fantastic monitor, original owner apparently barely used it before upgrading to an LCD. And it shows, as it is by far the brightest monitor I own. https://i.imgur.com/ …

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